Peterson pipe Straight System 31 P-lip


This Peterson Straight System 31 pipe is made of briar with middle size tobacco chamber, polished pipe bowl and bent stem, which is decorated with an beautiful Sterling-silver ring. With black, acrylic, 9 mm filter and P-lip mouthpiece. It has classic billiard bowl.
Peterson have managed incorporate in the straight system by using: the bowl is perforated at the center (downward), by a large circumferenced bore in the shank. This forces the smoke to circulate round the metal filter and travel further before entering the mouthpiece. The circulating smoke is cooled by the metal tube and forms natural condensation, which removes impurities and moisture from the smoke.


Pipe length: 149 mm
Height of pipe bowl: 42 mm
Depth of the tobacco chamber: 26 mm
Width of the tobacco chamber: 18 mm


Price: 179,00€